Thursday, 9 October 2014

Top Tourist Attractions Near Jog Falls

The Jog Falls are situated in Karnataka, around 100 kilometers from Shimoga city. It is the highest falls in the whole of India and is a breathtaking sight for the tourists who visit there.

India off late has become the land of tourists. People belonging to different nationalities, thronging the streets is not an uncommon sight anymore. In fact, more and more tourists are coming and going from the country. The diversity of landscape in India is one of the main reasons why it is one of the most loved tourist destinations in the world. Even though the tourism industry has just started crawling, the number of guests and tourist has kept on increasing. The love for travelling and visiting unknown places is the reason why travel enthusiasts go all around the world, in search of something new. The probability of witnessing something novel is very high in India. The peculiar types of people; the variety of flora and fauna, the historical monuments, the hospitality and most importantly the natural beauty have always been a crowd puller.
India encapsulates within itself some cascading beauties and the second tallest one of them is the Jog Falls. The Jog Falls are a breathtaking sight for many, it is a part of the Sharavati River, which gushes and rivets from a height of nine hundred feet. Also known as the Gerrosoppa falls, it is located in Sagar Taluk. The Jog Falls are a series of segmented falls, which are marveled by the tourists who visit the place. The Sharavati River created these falls by dropping from a great height. The falls derives its name from the Kannada word Joga, which means ‘falls’.
The tourism in Shimoga has been on the increase and every year number of tourists visiting this place keeps increasing. The government has done a lot to make the place a perfect holiday getaway by setting up hotels, motels and other kinds of accommodation spaces. The natives of the place are usually involved with tourism. Most people there are tour guides who inform visitors about places to visit near Jog Falls. A lot people have small eateries and restaurants near the Jog Falls so that the tourist can taste the variety of cuisine found at the place.
The tourist department in Karnataka has built around 1400 steps from the viewpoint of the falls to the bottom of the hill. Jog Falls has always caught the fancy of the people who love nature and want to relax and unwind amidst it. Natural beauty acts like a magnet at the Jog Falls attracting tourists and travel enthusiasts from all over the globe. The places to visit near Jog Falls are extremely significant.
  • The Linganmakki Dam which is built across the Sharavati River is one place to see and explore. The hydroelectricity power station situated there provides electricity to many homes in and around places near Jog falls. This dam is definitely one of the most important places to visit near Jog Falls.
  • The Tiger and Lion Reserve: A lot of effort has been put into saving the Tiger and the Lion in this area. These wild animals were on the verge of extinction before the government of Karnataka along wit the help of many other organizations set up this home for the wild.
  • There are hotels of various price ranges which are situated near the falls. From these hotels the tourists can easily walk towards the falls and absorb its brilliance through their eyes. The places to visit near Jog Falls are unlimited; not visiting them would lead to the tour being incomplete.


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