Thursday, 27 March 2014

Adventure activities in Manali

Manali in North India has, for long, lived under the shadows cast by Shimla and Kashmir, the traditionally popular summer destinations. But now, thanks to the new-generation adventure sports, Manali has acquired a reputation large enough to cast its own shadow over others. While there are some lovely tourist spots in India for the summer months including the above-mentioned old favorites, Manali and its cousin Kullu are shining through because of a deadly mix of scenic beauty and full-on-thrill activities. Paragliding is amongst the most sought-after adventure activities which are pursued over these hills. It is a tremendously thrilling sport which makes the person feel more like a bird and less like a human. The jaw-dropping background of this hill town is perfect for a few minutes of paragliding which is not only a pulsating experience but also an affordable one.

Trekking is another activity which imparts the kind of adventure which no other sport can rival. In contrast to the few seconds of glee that accompany a paragliding odyssey, here the joy is spread over a longer time, sometimes even stretching up to a week or so. Trekking can also be enjoyed without spending a paisa and it can give birth to the unlikeliest of friendships in the unlikeliest of weathers. The hills of Manali despite being predictable do hold secrets which can be uncovered only by a persistent trekker.

Shopping is not exactly something which can be clubbed in the bracket of an adventure activity, but if you ask the girl gang in your group, they will get the maximum adrenaline rush at the mouth-watering prospect of bazaar-browsing for handicrafts and souvenirs.

Photography can be fun and bliss both. Even if your hands in photography are inexperienced, it is something you should not shy away from. The pleasant flora and fauna combined with exotic hilly beauty do make travel-photography amongst the most satisfying things to do in Manali.

If you happen to book your Manali packages during the winter months of December and January, you are likely to stumble over to some small mounds of snow. So, you can expect some winter sports ranging from snow-flinging to skiing. 


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