Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Cruising in Bali: Romance with the blue sea for a night or two

We are sorry to use this much-abused word called ‘awesome’, but Bali is indeed awesome. Ask anyone who has been on a Bali trip and he will tell you what a paradise (another much-abused word) Bali is! One of the must do things in Bali is to go for a cruise. Bali’s sea is cobalt blue and can be gorgeously transparent at times. Cruises can give you multiple joys. For a romantic cruise, we would suggest a nighttime cruise or a late evening cruise, inclusive of dinner. If you wish to spot the dolphins, it will be ideal to try an early morning cruise especially the ones that ply from the Lovina Beach. Lovina Beach is noted for its rich hauls of marine dolphins. It can be thrilling and satisfying to click these creatures from close quarters.

Cruise liners ply from Bali at regular intervals. Besides, at any point of time, you will find several operators to choose from. So, depending on your budget and time at hand, you can opt for a suitable package. Best Bali packages usually involve a romantic cruise since they are most sought-after by young couples and honeymooners. However, if you are with friends or with your entire family, you can still book a cruise and have a whale of a time.

Bali’s sea is something you need to check out from close range. So, the deeper you get into the sea, the more enchanting it will get! But a cruise is also meant to see the luxurious side of life. Most cruises are well-equipped with top-class rooms, pools and buffet system dinner. Private meals can also be availed by paying extra. Then there is something for the entertainment bit. You can always expect dance shows and musical gigs to keep the evening alive. 

Though, we would suggest a one-day cruise to get the experience without wasting time, many people (especially the mushy couples) book packages for longer duration, stretching up to 2 days or even a week for that matter. 

Cruising in Bali can be an exotic affair and with holiday planners dropping prices, they are affordable like never before. 


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