Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wayang puppet theatre in Bali

Bali is a land which is a favorite tourist destination for many. The reason is not just limited to the beaches and temples of the island, but also to the powerful culture that encompass this place. Wayang show or the shadow puppet show perfectly exemplifies this claim. There are many Wayang puppet theatres in Bali and your best of Bali tour is likely to include one of these shows.

The shadow puppetry is like a power-point presentation wherein different scenes keep flashing on a translucent screen. The silhouette or shadow is cast by a skilled professional who, in local parlance, is referred to as the Dalang. The Dalng is a person whose life, even outside the theatre, is usually a simple one, one which involves teaching students or spreading religious and philosophical principles.

As you may have guessed by now, the Wayang puppet show is mostly about mythology, culture, philosophy and religion. But they are not necessarily preachy in nature. In fact, the shadow show is more like a story-telling, albeit through a different medium. Shadows are not the only attractions at the show. In order to make sure that the audience feels completely involved and absorbed, there is an orchestra which plays alongside. Occasionally, a singer or a narrator may add another dimension to the show and impart more power to the story with his crisp narrative.

Wayang puppet shows are held throughout Bali round the year. For instance, if you happen to be at Ubud, which is a famous tourist destination in Bali, you may like to attend a show at Oka Kartini (every Wednesday and Sunday).

Some of you may not have much interest in something as archaic as a showdown puppet show. But as far as most tourists are concerned, this show counts among the things youought to do in Bali. You may walk in uninterested but you will definitely walk out impressed, enriched and perhaps even mesmerized.

Amongst other attractions in Bali, you have those beautiful beaches with a decent bit of adventure sports. In addition, the people are very warm-hearted and you can expect some good cuisines during your stay.


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