Tuesday, 28 January 2014

5 reasons why to visit Kanyakumari- the southernmost tip of India

With India holiday packages, you can slip into a journey which will lead you to one of the most iconic destinations in the country. Kanyakumari is counted amongst the top tourist places in India since it is the southernmost tip of the peninsular part of the country. One can say that this the ending point of a spread of land which sprawls for hundreds of miles and encompasses almost all kinds of topographies within its cusps. So the first reason why you should visit Kanyakumari is that it is the geographical ‘full stop’ of the country.

Secondly, Kanyakumari is the point of confluence of all the three seas which envelope our country. It is at this place that you can greet all three- Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.

The third reason to visit this town is to watch sunset and sunrise from one single beach. You may have visited various beaches in the country. While the beaches which stand on the eastern flank of India offer a brilliant view of the sunrise, the ones at the western flank give you a visual treat of a dazzling sunset. But Kanyakumari is the only place in the country from whose beaches you can keep an eye on the sun from dawn to dusk. 

Fourthly, Kanyakumari is a delightful little town which is full of religious attractions, iconic memorials and lovely beaches. With India holiday packages, you can check out some of the most pious Hindu temples of the south and also explore the local culture. This place is such a tiny destination that one barely needs a vehicle to travel. Though buses and rickshaws do ply in full flow, for a hitchhiker or a photographer, Kanyakumari is best explored through foot. 

The fifth reason for dropping by this place will be financial perks. If you are looking to unwind with a short vacation, Kanyakumari trip will hardly pinch your pockets. The people are simple here and the cost of living is very low. The tariffs of hotels and the traveling expenses are very friendly. So, budget-friendly backpackers can plan a trip to this town during any time of the year.


  1. Hi. . I was looking for some information related Kanyakumari tourist spots and I came across you blog. It is really a good source of information and I love your images as well. The sunset image of Kanyakumari Sea shore is too lovely.
    I am from Maharashtra, India but never get the chance yet to visit any tourist spot in south India. Currently I am planning for a summer trip to Kanyakumari and also have made trip itinerary. Probably I will be there in first week of April and I am too excited about the trip.

  2. Hey, I was actually thinking about taking a vacation. Thank you very much for sharing this blog. I have read your other blogs too and you have listed some really interesting places for my trip to South India. However, my favourite will always remain Kanyakumari.