Thursday, 26 December 2013

Best Spas in Phuket: Get back a bit of your life

Life is not just about movies and malls. The greater pleasure lies in back rubs and body massage which one can get at several places in Phuket. Heading to a spa parlor in Phuket is like heading for a Ram Gopal Varma film. You will never be the same again. The only difference is that while a RGV film may tarnish your happiness, the spas at Phuket will make you believe in it.

Getting a full body spa done is counted amongst the top 10 things to do in Phuket. This is no surprise since who wouldn’t like his/her body to be smeared with chocolate, honey, milk and whatnot. Under cheap Phuket holidays packages, you can enjoy spa with your spouse without emptying your wallet. Since the city has spa parlors and resorts for people of all income-groups, it would be an unpardonable sin if you fly back to India without giving your body the carnal pleasure it so desperately deserves.

One of the best spas in Phuket is the Banyan Tree Spa. If you do not mind splurging and are looking for the most luxurious treatment, opt for the 7-hour show. It will begin in the morning hours and take you down the pleasure territories through to the end of the day. An array of body treatments, including body scrub, face massage, pedicure, manicure and the likes will give you a complete makeover. By the time the marathon spa ends, you will not just feel refreshed but will ooze in confidence and radiance.

Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa is another strong recommendation. Its herbal massages are very liberating and will inject at least 5 years back into your body. The good thing is that the section devoted for Spa treatment is well-spaced out and appears more like an herbal village.

There is the Cheraim Spa Village which is another delicious corner for the body to be in. Though it is situated in a busy area opposite a snazzy Phuket mall, it is extremely pacific and soothing from the inside. The best treatment which you can get here is the colored stone massage. Costing around 3,500 baht, it is a 90-minute treatment which not just promises to relax the muscles but also heal the body.


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