Monday, 25 November 2013

Free Wi-fi in Dubai: The biggest OMFG moment for tourists

Okay, I do understand that Dubai has this habit to be the first to do everything. It has already pioneered some amazing hotel designs and restaurant themes and now it has done the unthinkable yet again. So when the facebook page of ‘WeAreHolidays’ first broke this news on my newsfeed, my first reaction was OMFG. And I do stand by that reaction till date. Dubai is now slated to become the first smart city in the world. That is to say this swanky UAE town will have wi-fi connectivity flowing through its every alley and lane. The residents and visitors will be able to simply turn on their gadget and directly connect to this free wi-fi. 

Yes, you don’t need to head into a flashy restaurant or search for a wi-fi modem at your friend’s place. Wi-fi signal will run across the city and will be made available to the general public for free. This is bound to increase the demand for Dubai packages with airfare. Frankly speaking, I never doubted the city’s reputation as a pioneer in tourism industry. But this is something really bizarre. Compare it to the fact that in many Indian cities, we don’t even have Wi-Fi at the airport.

Recently, I was just running through the newspaper and learnt that my city Kolkata (Calcutta) hasn’t got Wi-Fi in its sassy airport which recently got a fresh edition. That is quite shameful since a number of foreign and national tourists look to connect to their relatives back home after their flight lands. It is needless to say that tourists are in greater need of free wi-fi since they often have to look up on the net to scour the nearly restaurants, hotels and sightseeing attractions. 

On that count, this move by Dubai is a strategic masterpiece. But things are still in pipeline and we will have to wait to see when exactly the system will come into place. For all I can say is that my friends who stay in the capital will love to plan a Dubai tour from Delhi once they get an inkling of this. They are big-time tech freaks. I will try to stick along with them. Watch this space to keep track of this news!


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