Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A south India Tour is what I Recommend

You know I personally think that south India is much more beautiful than its northern counterpart. I have got nothing against Shimla, Kashmir or Delhi, but it is the chastity of South India which has got me sold. If I was told to select a place where I would like to die, then I shall surely choose Ooty. Ooty is a sweet little place, a poetic destination where time seems to have taken a sabbatical, leaving you groping with memories and stuck in the past. Nothing, not even Shimla or Kashmir, can match the pure serenity and solitude of this destination which has been gaining a lot of spotlight in the last few years.

Ooty has a number of attractions and they are clustered in varying ranges. Botanical Gardens, Dodabetta Peak and Ooty Lake are the top three attractions of the town. Add Emerald Lake and Avalanche Lake and you surely will see 5 stupendous spots in the world. St. Stephen’s Church and the tea gardens also add to the thrill. Do not miss out on the toy train ride and do visit some neighborhoods like Coonoor.

Hazy Hill Stations of Ooty

Your South India tour shall also take you to places like Kerala. Kerala is a very picturesque state and its personality is pretty much like Ooty. Kerala is the other name of nature since backwaters and jungles seem to have found a permanent address in this state. Places like Munnar and Alleppey are the best destinations in the state and must be visited irrespective of the season.

Cities like Bangalore are also hot spots and if you are looking for an urban destination, then this can be your best bet. With places like Bannerghatta National Park and Curbon Park, there is plenty of nature flirting around in this place.

But still, if you have to choose just one destination in the south, then let it be Ooty. It is that heaven which is so soulful that even God choose not to dwell here.

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  1. Loved the last line and yes Ooty is a great place for a holiday and a must visit if you are coming to South India.