Thursday, 12 September 2013

White Room Opens in Dubai- Nightlife just got another boost

Dubai was already a destination teeming with an enviable nightlife. It was already a city which had the highest landmarks in the world in the form of Burj Khalifa. It was already a place with the biggest mall in the world in Dubai Mall. It was already the town that had the best of the best hotel in the shape of Burj Al Arab. It was already a rare destination boasting of both a beach and a desert.

So, why did they have to open The White Room?

The neighborhoods of Dubai may writhe with agony and burn off in jealousy, but the fact is that the nightlife out here just got a lot spicier (as if it needed to, huh). The White Room Beirut has opened its branch in Dubai thus adding yet another feather in the heavily-laden cap of the city. No wonder why we have been getting a lot of phone calls with people enquiring about our specialholiday package, and some even making an instant booking of the 4 nights Dubai tour package. (O yes, the 4-night package gives the tourists enough time to check out all the attractions and at the same time does not consume much time or money).

The White Room is a reputed brand and a couple of days back, it inaugurated its latest edition in Dubai. It goes without saying that the opening night saw an uproar with a number of celebrity guests partying till the wee hours. The crowds too joined in and the mood of the venue was electrifying. Drinks, music and blinking lights ruled the night and will continue to do so.

It is a rooftop club and has special bar section where entries are restricted by invitation only. Thus, it is the best of the best and you will be extremely lucky if you can spend a few hours here.

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