Thursday, 19 September 2013

A time Machine Ride to the Era of Pharaohs

The moment you utter the word ‘Egypt’ you see images of gigantic triangles standing on a golden, barren desert. You see images of pyramids that have been attracting historians, archaeologists and travelers for centuries. Counted among the biggest wonders of the world, the great pyramids of Egypt offer an unexplainable treat to the eyes and mind.

The gigantic structures do not only mesmerize the onlookers but also raise a question how people created these 5000 years ago without the use of modern technology. The pyramids are not only historic remains but also specimens of architectural and engineering excellence that Egypt had reached during the civilization of the Pharaohs. There are more than 70 gigantic structures on the bank of Nile but the most famous of the lot are the three pyramids of Giza. The lion-bodied structure that stands besides the three pyramids is the World-famous Sphinx that you must have seen images of in books and on websites.

The Pyramids are actually tombs of Egyptian kings of the Pharaonic era and the tomb of King Cheops is the biggest Pyramid in Egypt. The gigantic structure has got a height of 145 meters. The other two Pyramids are tombs of King Mykerinos and King Kefren. Other things that will attract your eyes are the The Sphinx Complex, The Sphinx Light and Sound Show and the Solar Barque Museum.

If ancient history is your area of interest, then Egypt is a place that you must visit. Check out conducted tour packages to Egypt and book an affordable tourpackage to explore the history of the Pharaoh. You may also choose from the customized Egypt tour packages that focus primarily on the Pharaonic sites. choose one that offers trips to the Saqqara Complex and the Valley of Kings, apart from the Pyramids. 


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