Thursday, 29 August 2013

What makes Ooty Queen of Hill Stations?

Ooty, you know, is really quiet, uncluttered and almost a deserted hill station. It is not deserted in the literal sense. But because of the visible absence of any tall building and because of the seemingly endless horizon, the place has a truly unworldly feel. Ooty’s hills are like the backwaters of Kerala (complete serene), like the Dal Lake of Kashmir (absolutely hypnotic) and like the quaintness of Shimla (totally addictive)! At the same time, Ooty is full of sightseeing attractions which crop up with a suddenness that you, at times, may feel that they were not there at all but have been conjured up on your path by some divine force.

Ooty holiday packages have also got very cheap. So, there is an added incentive for the frugal-you to make this trip. There is no good or bad season for visiting Ooty, just like there is no good or bad season for visiting paradise! However, if you go during the winter, then be prepared for some chills (though it would be manageable, provided you wrap yourself in round woolens). If you go during the summer, then you will experience a pleasantly mild weather with the temperature just too perfect to go with your morning tea.

As for the sightseeing, there is ample in store for your hungry eyes. Ooty sightseeing packages include all the major attractions of Ooty like the Dodabetta Peak, the Ooty Lake and the Botanical Garden. In addition, there are attractions like the Rose Garden and Emerald Lake which you may also be interested in visiting.

And finally, when you would be moving back (in time) on that lovely little toy train with your eyes trained outside your window, you would experience your moment of epiphany. You would know why Ooty is called the Queen of hill stations. 


  1. The Hill stations India are some of the finest in the world and also make up some of the best destinations to visit in the country.