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Major Places to Explore with Family in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city on the bay characterized with cool ocean breezes and rolling hills. Millions of visitors visit the city every year and you can be one to have a vacation in this fabulous city. The city is popular because of its emphasis on culture, originality and independence. It can be an ideal destination to have a fun vacation with your family, friends or just by yourself. There are delicious restaurants, beautiful accommodations, fun activities, and plenty of sights and attractions to see and experience. No matter whether you are traveling for business, leisure or with the entire family, the city is just right for a memorable trip.

San Francisco is full of some of the most interesting museums and art galleries. It also hosts enormous amount of annual events every year. These include a good number of film and music festivals as well. Travelers taking flights to San Francisco can visit important landmarks and popular fun places. Those with kids can check out the Cartoon Art Museum. The Legion of Honor is another art museum with a range of artwork from 4000 years.  Besides hosting a huge number of family activities every year, San Francisco offers kid-friendly attractions, such as aquariums, zoos, and interactive museums.

Places to Explore with Family in San Francisco

Some of the major family-friendly places in San Francisco include the following:

Alcatraz: Iconic Alcatraz Island has been the focus for much attention over the years because of its incredible history. Once a famous prisoner, it is now a free area, which can be visited by a short ferry trip from the mainland. Take the ferry from Pier 33 and explore its imposing walls and unique history. Travelers taking flights to San Francisco can learn about some of the most famous inhabitants as well as some of the most daring escapes while taking a trip to Alcatraz.

Chinatown: San Francisco has the 2nd largest Chinese population in the United States. Most of these reside in Chinatown, which hustles and bustles just like any true Asian city. Visitors can find here numerous pagodas, mahjongs and marketplaces. Tour the streets, watch the festivals, and nibble on some traditional Chinese cuisine. You will have a great time indeed. Budget travelers can shop as well dine here to save a great amount of money.

Golden Gate Bridge: The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic structure that symbolizes not only San Francisco but the whole of the United States. Visitors can drive over it. They can also walk over it. When it was built, it was the longest bridge in the world. It is still a phenomenal site to visit. Book flights to San Francisco and make sure to click lots of photographs of this astounding engineering achievement.

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