Friday, 9 August 2013

Mahabaleshwar in 4 days: Get enslaved by the natural beauty of these hills

Mahabaleshwar is one of the unsung heroes when it comes to the best hill stations of India. A quiet and relatively small hillside town, it lies snuggled up in the state of Maharashtra at a distance of around 285 km from Mumbai. It is a beautiful place nestled cozily amidst the mountains and flanked gorgeously by historic forts and adequate numbers of viewpoints.

Mahabaleshwar tourism packages offer a 4-day exclusive trip to this mesmeric destination. Away from the maddening crowd, this secluded spot acts like a great balm to the plain dwellers. With a rejuvenating climate and some friendly flora & fauna, its charm is beyond compare.

Major attractions you must check out while visiting Mahabaleshwar are:

1. Rajpuri Caves- These old-age caves are noted for their natural ‘kunds’ (water tanks) which are considered sacrosanct by religious tourists.

2. Sunset Point- A well-known viewpoint offering a splendid view of the dying sun.

3. Chinaman’s Falls- A cascading waterfall which promises to steal away your breath and heart

4. Arthur’s Seat- A natural viewpoint flanked by beautifully carved rocks

5. Venna Lake- Easily, the best lake of the town, Venna is a popular tourist haunt.

6. Tiger’s Spring- It is a natural spring which is believed to be the major source of water to thirsty creatures lurking in the wild.

7. Pratapgad Fort- A historic fort noted for its rich association with Maratha leader Shivaji

Other must-visit attractions strongly recommended for Mahabaleshwar tourism are Kate’s Point, Connaught Peak and Elephant’s Head Point.

Best time to visit Mahabaleshwar: October-May (the weather is perfect during this time of the year) 


  1. I always thinks to visit Mahabaleshwar but unfortunately I never got a chance to visit there. Now me and my friends are making a trip to there and I am really excited for that. Glad to read your blog about Mahabaleshwar.