Monday, 5 August 2013

Fun activities in Dubai: My plans once I win a lottery

Dubai should be renamed as a fun-land! It is a destination which is enigmatic in a veritable sense! I mean where else can you find huge sprawling deserts and exotic beaches as well as the tallest landmark in the world? Okay, add to that the fact that the city also has an indoor skiing rink! It is incredible (make it bizarre)! So, if I could win a lottery, I would immediately book a family flight to Dubai (mind it)! After all, my kids are getting old and there are some really fabulous places to visit in Dubai for children!

In fact, some of them are just so fabulous that I don’t mind posing as a kid myself! There is this Wild Wadi Water park where I plan to take my kids (just let me win that lottery ticket)! Thankfully, it is a family place (just like any other amusement park) and so I too can have my share of fun. They say that it has some of the best water slides in the world!

I would also like to take my kids for a desert safari (simply because I myself would like to go for it)! I can’t wait to ride the Quad bike over those dry dunes!

Unfortunately, they won’t allow a grown-up like me to enter the Ski Dubai. It is an all kids’ attraction at the Mall of the Emirates! It is slightly pricey but I know that my kids would enjoy it thoroughly!

Dolphinarium and Magic Planet are two other popular places to visit in Dubai. Ah, I would love to go there myself. (I seriously need to win that ticket, unless you will be so kind enough to take us alongside)! 


  1. Okay, I too am waiting for a similar lottery and will add all this to my things to do list.

  2. was at all of that places :D