Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Café culture in Kullu Manali: Sip warm coffee in the arms of cold Himalayas

Kullu Manali is a hill station but has the warmth of an old friend if you think of the nostalgia its valleys can evoke and the pleasures it can give to a mind both young and old. So, irrespective of the age you are in, you can always feel welcome at this destination where sipping a cup of warm coffee can be the best feeling in the world. When juxtaposed with the cool climes of the mountains, the cafes radiate a delightful and delicious feel. So it is needless to say that the café culture has thrived and is destined to thrive till eternity in this hill town.

The Green Forest Café is one such eatery where you can slurp over umpteen number of beverages and enjoy the best momos you have ever had in your life. In addition, you can also gorge on other Tibetan cuisines. The Drifter’s Café is another eminent name in the world of Himachal café culture. It scores because of its posh décor and the top-class services. It also serves a host of cuisines including dishes of American and Continental menu.

 If you hanker after Italian, then head to Café 1947 whose food and ambience will win your heart almost always!

Kullu Manali best time to visit: Though the summer months between March and June are the safest bests and also the most popular season, you can also make the trip adventurous by choosing the frosty days of winter. Best time to visit Kullu Manali to experience snowfall would be December-February. The rainy months of July-September should be chosen if you want the most budget-friendly deals. 


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