Monday, 22 July 2013

Why couples prefer Ooty for lovemaking?

There are many reasons why newly married couples are planning their honeymoon in Ooty these days. For one, it is extremely cheap (certainly cheaper than places like Shimla or Kashmir). Secondly, it is relatively unexplored and undiscovered, in contrast to the often-frequented hackneyed hill stations of north India! Ooty offers a freshness which is incomparable! It is smaller, less crowded, more serene and definitely more landscaped! So, it is emerging as one of the most favored honeymoon destinations.

Besides, it is not far away from other top honeymoon destinations like Kerala or Chennai! So, more and more couples are choosing Ooty for opening their nuptial chapters!

Now, you may be thinking that what attractions does this place has got in store for you? Frankly, this hill town is all about nature and some of the best natural spots in India lie unseen and often unheard in this quiet town! Amongst the best places to visit in Ooty, the attraction which heads the list is the Botanical Gardens! It is a wonderland not just because it has the abundance of foliage and ponds, but also because it has some intriguing collections, especially a fossil tree trunk which is 20 million years old!

There are many lakes like the Ooty Lake (a must-visit) and Emerald Lake in this place! Other important places to visit in Ooty would be the Dodabetta Peak, Rose Garden and Kalhatty Falls.

In addition, the town has some phenomenal plantations, streams and viewpoints! It is a ‘jannat’ in a true sense!


  1. Wow That is a really nice description On Ooty..Planning to make a trip within next month and this post made me very happy... :)

  2. wow the captures are nice .. !! Ooty indeed is one of the most longed for place for Indian couples for honeymoon