Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Fascinating Walking Tours of Goa

The energizing Goa is full of surprises and mysteries at every step you take inside the stunning state. Goa can be explored on wheels but a more relaxing way to enjoy the deep rooted traditional Goan beauty is through ‘cholta cholta, implying ‘whilst walking’ in the local Konkani language of Goa. You just need Goa tourism guide and you are ready to unveil the natural beauty Goa beholds.

The first walking tour could be taken along the streets of Panjim city, made of historic buildings, structures, little streets and alleys, which can be explored only while walking. Every turn in this city is worth the walk, the shopping centers, the river-ocean intersection point are all beautifully explored through walking.

Walking along the islands is always mesmerizing. Breathing in the fresh air, relaxing and bird watching are the joys one cannot feel otherwise. One can stay in a village for a couple of hours, gorge into delicious local Goan food, sip the brew and get to know about the history of Goa through the local Goans.

The cultural capital of Goa, Margao is best explored on foot with the twists and curves the city is made up of. A walk inside and around the Holy Spirit Church square and Baroque church or a view from Monte Hill is awe-inspiring, a beauty heaven has preserved itself for all these years.

A small walk along the villages like Calangute and Saligao helps you explore your fun side in the roads of theses villages. Arpora and Colva village are also great walking areas.

The next time you book Goa vacation packages make sure that you take a rejuvenating walk along the streets of Goa to explore the true spirit draped in by the state.

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