Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day trips from Bangalore: Where to go if you are feeling dull?

Sometimes I marvel at the drudgery which is thrust upon the residents of Bangalore. It is true that the city is full of gardens and parks. But from what I have learnt, the working class stays shut from morning till night behind those high-rise IT offices and hardly gets time to soak in the sunlight.

So, if you belong to the above-mentioned category, then you should make sure to go for a day trip or a weekend trip every month, if not every fortnight! Bangalore nearby attractions comprise of places of all kinds. Right from wildlife parks to small hill towns, you can just let out the child within and go and seek your natural treasures.

Bannerghata National Park is one of the most popular of all such places. But if you have been living in Bangalore for a long time, then chances are that you may have already visited it before. In case you haven’t, then you should drop by so that you can share your breakfasts with snakes and hopefully catch a glimpse of the last generation of tigers.

Bheemeshwari is another of the popular Bangalore nearby attractions. It is a quaint pleasant hill town which has stayed pristine over the years. It is also a good place to teach your child to trek or fish, or to simply watch the waterfall cascade down.

In case, you are ready to travel via quick flights, then Mumbai trip would be a great idea too. Though, it is a big metro city and one which is far from Bangalore, it can offer a lot to you, even if you have just a day or two in hand. Amongst the top places to visit in Mumbai, I would recommend Marine Drive, Gateway of India, Haji Ali Mosque and Elephanta Caves. 


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