Friday, 12 July 2013

Cheapest Hotels in Thailand: 3 really affordable hotels offering great value for money

Thailand does make for an excellent holiday destination, but some of its resorts can make you squirm because of its high tariffs. But then the country has also got some really cheap hotels which give you great value for your small investment.

Here are some of the cheapest hotels in Thailand which are not just low-priced but very much palatable in quality:

i. Niras Bankoc Cultural Hostel, Bangkok: Located in the region of Khao San, this hotel is more like a guestroom in terms of décor and looks. However, it does offer you most of the modern day amenities including TV, DVD player, wireless internet and other basic hotel services. At THB 467, it is one of the cheapest hotels you could bag with your holiday packages.

ii. Avana Bangkok Hotel, Bangkok: You have to yield to this temptation called Avana Hotel. This 3-star property at Bangkok is one of the cheapest luxury hotels the world has to offer. With swimming pool, fitness room and sauna steam in its kitty, it really spoils and pampers you with its mushy services. It is also excellently located with the airport just 25-minutes’ drive away! And with tariffs starting at just THB 620, this hotel is a complete steal.

iii. Album Loft, Phuket: And just when we thought that it couldn’t get any cheaper, Phuket’s Album Loft brings you rooms at a laughable THB 358. Luxurious rooms and with a swimming pool under its wings, this hotel grabs your attention without much effort. Another key reason why you can book it instantly with Thailand holiday packages is its priceless location at Nanai Road, just a stone’s throw away from the Patong Beach.


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