Monday, 8 July 2013

A Marvel Hot Air Balloon Ride over Jaipur

The pink city of India, Jaipur is precious in myriad ways. The forts, palaces, apparels, gems and the local cuisine all hold great historical significance. A novel attraction that has urged thousands of tourists to book Jaipur tourism packages and flock over to this mystical city is the grand Sky Waltz Hot Air Balloons ride, the first official hot air balloon of India.

A dream seen by many have now been cast into reality with the launch of this mind boggling ride. Jaipur in itself is worth a million dollar treat to eyes and wonder how blessed you will feel once you board the giant balloon that flows at high altitudes in the sky showcasing the whole city in a nutshell, the tall buildings and forts seem like miniatures of which you are the master. The feeling of flying in the air is just indescribable! The hot air balloons ride are completely secure and follow the international standards of safety and security.

From the top

These balloon rides are controlled by highly trained professional pilots flown in from Europe and US. The spectacular ride takes off from different landmarks of Jaipur flowing over theentire beautifully radiant pink city, the take off point being Shiv Vilas, Amber Fort, Delhi Road and others are chosen according to the weather conditions. An ideal way to make your partner fell special is to just take her/him on a romantic hot air balloon ride without any company except for the pilot.

All you need to do for enjoying this memorable ride of your lifetime is to book Jaipur tourism packages and take the help of Jaipur tourism guide and you are ready to explore the earthly beauty of the majestic pink city.


  1. Wow I should try it when I visit Jaipur :-)