Tuesday, 2 July 2013

10 Best Things about Bali: From beaches to temples to food

Bali has so much to offer that it would be a great injustice to deprive our readers about some of its much-coveted attractions. Without any preamble or boring ramblings, let us arrive straight to the point and enlist ten great things about this hot-n-happening island:


Did someone say Bali also has beaches? One of the chief reasons why people travel to this destination is to sashay on its tropical sunny beaches with their wives and girlfriends. Kuta Beach deserves a special mention!

Photogenic destination:

Another great thing about Bali is that it is a seductress for any photographer! You just need to look at its beaches and temples to get what we are trying to say!

Monkey temple:

Check out any Bali tourism guide and you would be easily able to spot the Monkey Temple at Uluwatu! It is a great place to check out the wild antics of these untamed and fetterless apes.
Nightlife: Bali also has a nightlife which brims with discos and pubs, clubs and bars! It is not something any wanderlust can miss out on!

Tanah Lot:

Tanah Lot is perhaps the most enigmatic temple of Bali. Its USP is its isolated location at the tip of the ocean!

Surfing spots:

If you have a thing or two for surfing, then Bali’s waters would make you swoon with their wavy appeal!


Bali is a place which offers some fabulous spa parlors. If you are going through physical malaise, then these places would really appeal to you.


Bali has a warm and endearing culture. The people are God-fearing and the traditions are deep-rooted.

Street food:

Another great thing about Bali is its street food. They are yummy, they are finger-licking and they are super-cheap!

Flora and fauna:

Being a tropical island, it is no wonder that the place is replete with exciting flora and fauna. Many wildlife fanatics look for Bali tour packagesfrom India primarily to savor its birds, bees and beasts!

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  1. Bali is truly a whole package for Tourist...Loved your post..:)

  2. I think the most magnet of Bali is the culture of the island that never seen in other place around the world...