Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Vegetarian Restaurants in Goa: 3 veggie eateries in north Goa

Goa and seafood go hand in hand! But if you are not the one meant to take prawns and crabs inside your mouth, then there is nothing to fear! Relax, Goa tour packages offer you a host of delightful and delicious vegetarian restaurants which run exclusively for the herbivores.

Here are some of the recommended eateries (in north Goa) where you can get all your green stuffs:

i. Navtara:

Located in Mapusa, north Goa, Navtara is one of the best vegetarian restaurants you can find in this state. Firstly, its menu comprises of cuisines from both northern and southern India. And secondly, its prices are really pocket-friendly! So, whether you are pining for dosa or whether you have ‘naan’ in your mind, ‘Navtara’ is the place to head to.

ii. Vihar: Vihar is another favored vegetarian restaurant which is idyllically located in Panaji. It chiefly serves north Indian dishes and its rates, even though slightly pricier than ‘Navtara’, are still reasonable.

iii. Bhakti Kutir:

Bhakti Kutir Restaurant combines a unique concept. It is themed after yoga. So the ambience is soulful and serene! While entering this eatery, you would feel as if you have walked into an ashram of some spiritual guru. Well, it doesn’t harm since Ayurvedic treatment is one of top things to do in Goa. It is located just beside Palolem Beach and offers completely meat-free and green dishes. The waiters are as warm as the meals they serve, and the prices are as friendly and delightful as the ambience of the place!


  1. So glad you covered something for veggies as all the focus on Goa seems to be on sea food.