Friday, 28 June 2013

Travelling through Thailand in Budget and Style

The magnetic country of Thailand is like a bag loaded with fun, pleasure and surprises.  Tourists get pulled towards the liveliness of the country and end up booking tour packages for Thailand. However, one of the chief concerns while traveling to any part of the world is money. The huge costs of travelling are not affordable by every tourist, leaving them in a dilemma. However, Thailand is one such country where you can travel in style and within your budget.

Location: Save costs by choosing cost-effective accommodation. If you want to stay in close proximity to the nightlife then book costly airport or chief beach side hotels. But a budgetary accommodation would mean staying away from the hustle, i.e., near the remote areas of the city.

Season: A better way of travelling in budget is to travel in the low-traffic season of summer. The temperature around Thailand is pleasant round the year meaning exploring the country during the hot season could also be fun-packed.

Food: Food is the most important element during traveling and Thailand serves up special Thai delicacies at just the right prices. The street stalls and cheap restaurants are the perfect places to eat, the best within your budget.

Transportation: Travelling to different parts of the city or in neighboring towns is best done through buses or trains. However, long travels from one end of the country to another are now feasible due to the availability of cheap airline tickets.

Price negotiation: This is a vital factor of budget travelling. Thailand is a bargain-prone country. So bargain freely without any tinge of embarrassment.

The chief way to travel in budget is by booking a cheap tour package to Thailand which saves a good amount of money without requiring you to compromise on the fun part.

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