Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Top 9 Misconceptions About Travelling to India

While booking holiday packages toIndia tourists often go through some researches regarding the safety, filthy and contagious environment of India. Here are some widespread misconceptions.

1. Risky:

There is no dearth of places you must visit in Mumbai but the recent terrorist attacks and staring men around the country makes you wonder whether it is safe travelling here but with apposite precautions travelling to India could always be memorable.

2. Extravagant Places:

Tourists tend to believe that in Munnar places to visit are negligible and there aren’t any places to visit near Bangalore but they are just myths. In fact mind bowing places are present around these cities and throughout India.

3. Unhygienic Food:

Unhygienic food are found throughout the world and the best way to prevent yourself from getting sick is to look for popular places through internet and public chats and the best street food India has to offer.

4. Expensive:

Tourists dwell upon the fact that India is expensive but India offers all kinds of holiday packages and other benefits suitable to varied people like high sophisticated hotels and restaurants for high class tourists and budgetary lodgings and eateries for common tourists. Also, the travelling cost around the country is much less.

5. Hot:

If travelling India during the summer season book holiday packages for hill stations away from the scorching heat of the cities and breathing in the cool breeze and panoramic view of the chilling hill stations.
Poor Health Issues:  it is argued that the villages in India lacks health care but there are several health campaigns organized throughout the year. Also the quantity of qualitative doctors is very high in the country serving the best medical attention required.

6. Disease Carrying Insects:

Insects are a common threat around the world and the best way to protect yourself is by using insect repellents and lotions and mosquito nets.

7. Spirituality:

Indian officials are not always true to their jobs, doing what’s right. They have to be bribed to get things done without expecting a return of money if the thing doesn’t fall in place.

8. India is Poor:

While poverty strikes a good level of percentage in India, sophistication is not far away either. Some of the richest businessmen and industrialists across the world are Indian citizens.

9. India is a country:

The last myth is India is a country although it’s more of a continent divided into north and south region and further into states, cultures and religions.


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