Monday, 17 June 2013

Top 10 Secluded Beaches of Kerala: A quick roundup of some isolated spots

Kerala has countless beaches of diverse beauty. It is a pity that the state’s much-loved backwaters steal away their glory. But if you wish to feast on the isolation and serenity offered by these soulful corners, then here is a roundup of the top ten secluded beaches of Kerala:

1. Varkala Beach

It is one of the most popular beaches in India, but is not overcrowded. There are great resorts and spa parlors in the vicinity.

2. Kovalam Beach

Another popular beach, Kovalam has been helping tourism of Kerala mint a lot of money. It is also favored by foreign tourists and is nestled quietly at a distance of 16 km from Thiruvananthapuram.

3. Shankhumugham Beach

Just a stone’s corner away from Thiruvananthapuram, this beach is noted for its phenomenal sunsets.

4. Thankassery Beach

A lesser known beach, but one which is replete with dilapidated cathedrals and ruinous forts.

5. Cherai Beach

If you love to swim, then this beach is congenial for the purpose. It is also pretty isolated.

6. Kappad Beach

Its claim to fame is the fact that it is here where Vasco da Gama had landed on his visit to India in 15th century

7. Beypore beach

One of the most secluded Kerala beaches, Beypore is that quintessential place where you would see a lot of fishermen

8. Dharmadam Beach

Remotely located with over 16 km separating it from Kannur, this site is flanked by lots and lots of palm trees

9. Kappil Beach

A close neighbor of Bakel Fort, Kappil Beach is getting good footfalls these days, but it still remains visibly secluded

10. Pallikere Beach

Adjacent to Bakel Fort, this beach is extremely laidback and offers satisfying view of the fort and of the sea.

To enjoy the most of these beaches, the best time to visit Kerala would be between October and March.

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  1. The information shared in the post is great and tempts one to visit Kerala from a different angle.

  2. You forgot to mention Marari Beach - truly undiscovered and beautiful beach in central Kerala, next to the famous Alleppey backwaters. Don't miss if you are looking for endless white sand beach, cool seabreeze and azure ocean.