Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Enchanting Beauty of Phuket

Patong Beach

If you’re looking for beautiful beaches and women, you’ll probably want to head for Phuket.  It’s a large island all the way south and it’s filled with resorts, bars, and beaches.  Really, if you’re in Phuket I recommend going to a few different places.  Patong Beach is a busy and decent beach during the day and this is the main hot spot at night.  With all the girls, bars, and Gogos you can handle, Patong has an impressive nightlife. I find Patong’s prices on food, alcohol, and beer to be more expensive than say Pattaya, but it’s not terribly expensive as long as you’re not going to the most expensive places.  Even the bar fines aren’t that bad.  It’s the girls themselves that tend to think they can get more in Patong and that has little to do with the way they look.  There are a lot of elderly rich men who visit and pay big money, so some of the women tend to be a little spoiled and they don’t seem to be so concerned with having competition.  Don’t let them treat you like you’re on your death bed; they’re lucky to have an opportunity to be with you!   I like when they ask for 300 baht for a ride home when I know they live in walking distance.  Don’t get abused and you’ll be fine.

But Phuket has a lot more going for itself than just Patong.  There are a few beautiful and more quiet beaches around the island with some spectacular resorts.  You can find just about any island activity that you could imagine, such as boating, kayaking, jet ski’s, etc.  These activities are cheaper than almost any other exotic beautiful island destination in the world.  Other popular Phuket activities include: golf, elephant treks, and hiking.  And as in other places in Thailand you can visit some very beautiful and unique Buddhist temples.  

Buddhist Temple

You certainly don’t have to be a Buddhist to appreciate the tranquillity of the Thai Buddhist temples.  They’re worth a trip; just make sure to give a donation to the temples which go towards many good causes.  And just like temples are common all over Thailand, so is Muay Thai or Thai kickboxing.  You can see professional Muay Thai fights in Phuket every single week.  They’re not for the faint of heart and you’ll see people as young as twelve fight, but it’s very entertaining.  You can also train in Muay Thai for next to nothing.  The kickboxing training in Thailand is top notch and usually only 200 baht per hour for a session including personal training.

One of the best things about Phuket is that it’s close to the most exotic beaches you’ll ever see in your life.  Make sure to go to Koh Lanta and/or Phi Phi.  They’re unbelievably gorgeous.  You’ll want to bring a girl with you, and if you’re on a budget, search for a good bungalow, because lodging can get up there in price.   Water sports and hiking in Phuket, or in some of the nearby islands, is world class. 

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