Friday, 14 June 2013

Skiing in Dubai

Dubai, the immensely populated city and capital of UAE, rich in culture and complex structures is a spellbinding destination for backpackers. It’s a must visit place for families including kids and elderly people. In Dubai places to see are in no limitation and with the emergence of the opportunity to ski around any month of the year through the enthralling ‘Ski Dubai’ the tourists are urged to book Dubai tour packages for their vacation.

Snow Park, Dubai is a paradise for skiers and snow admirers. No matter whether the sun shines bright and the weather seems to be warm one can always find the pleasure of snow in this white lustrous snow draped Giant Park, this creation of man houses sow slopes and snow mountains for a memorable skiing and gliding through the snow. The amazing Ski Dubai houses professionals who train and guide the skiers offering steep slopes to experienced ones and a less inclined slope to newbie’s so that even the newbie’s can enjoy the pleasures of twists and turns of skiing only after proper training.

The inevitable equipments and clothing for skiing are easily available at the Ski Dubai, so a spontaneous decision to ski can be effected without any hurdles. The skiers are swamped into a world of tantalizing sled runs, Ice caves, mirror maze, climbing towers and icy slides. Kids and elders can enjoy by building snowmen, throwing snow balls around, watching a luxurious 3D show and breathing in a bewitched serene view of the place. Two exquisite edible cafes inside the park offers an idyllic feeling of winter lodgings where one can zip and relax anytime.

For an adventurous ride of your lifetime book Dubai tour packages today and enters into a dream land where everything is possible…

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  1. Dubai seems to be a heavenly abode. Nice write.

  2. Nice post. Will try next time in Dubai...