Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Only F1 Night Race in the World

Singapore, the glamorous cosmopolitan city is one of the jewels in the crown of South East Asia, in terms of tourism. Singapore is known across the world for its ultra-modern urban look, its dazzling shopping malls, beaches and temples. Shopping is one of the biggest attraction in Singapore for the ladies.

But, what about those who love adrenaline rush? Well, Singapore would not disappoint them either. One of the biggest highlights of Singapore tourism is the Singapore Grand Prix and the speciality of the event is that it is the first F1 night race in the world. The Singapore Grand Prix is an event on the FIA Formula One World Championship calendar and takes place several times every year.

Watching colorful and designer Formula One cars rushing in jet speed towards the finishing line is a treat for the eyes of those who like excitements. Every year the event is hosted by Marina Bay Street Circuit. Both sides of the street circuit gets illuminated and the atmosphere turns magical as the ‘chase begins. Tickets for Singapore Grand Prix are of highest demand and to be a part of it, you need to buy your ticket well in advance.

To enjoy the adrenaline rush under the dark sky plan your Singapore at the time of the race. Browse the net to find out the next Singapore Grand Prix date andplan your trip accordingly. Check out Singapore holiday packages that are being offered at that time and opt for one. Watching the Singapore Grand Prix is truly an experience to cherish forever. 


  1. F1 Race at night! Really Amazing :)

  2. Fabulous experience indeed.... Really loved the first shot......


  3. Fabulous! I just like the sound of tires and love to watch F1 racings.
    i also like listen F1 music when driving by myself.