Thursday, 6 June 2013

First Time St. Francis Xavier Came to Goa

Goa is felicitated with the title “Rome of the East”. There is no dearth of places to visit in Goa and it is one of the liveliest city/state of India attracting tourists from different spheres of the world thereby increasing the need for trusted Goa tourism. Admissively, Goa is called the home of the great Saint Francis Xavier whose remains now lay in the Basilica of Bom Jesus- one of the surviving buildings in Old Goa.

Many stories are now being recalled about the deposition of this great saint, however, the one question that every curious explorer wants to know is how St. Francis Xavier first came to Goa? St.  Francis Xavier of was sent off by his father to foreign islands for pursuing education. While building a career in Paris he met a fellow- Bask named Inigo.

They shared the same room, getting into battles over their ambitions, which both men won or as per the books God did, but the bond between the two grew stronger with every passing day. Xavier regarded wealth, power and honor as forces of evil and thrived greatly against them. Hence, one day Inigo or Ignatius asked Xavier to step his feet into India where he was most needed. Thus, Xavier set off on a journey to India as a common man without any special privileges from the port of Lisbon on 7th April, 1541, cooking his own meal, doing laundry while helping other passengers on the ship. On the precious day of 6th May, 1542, i.e. after a weary journey of 13 months he set his foot on the Goan land.

Thus, this was the first time St. Francis Xavier came to Goa and ever since then he spent his remaining life of ten years devoted to the prosperity of Goa.

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