Monday, 10 June 2013

Enthralling Water Sports in Goa

Goa plays host not only to party animals or adventure junkies but the seducing beauty of the Goa beaches, which are the focal attraction of Goa, and the chance to isolate from the rest of the world attracts many thrilled honeymooners to explore its enchanting beauty. Goa tourism attracts tourists from different spheres of the world diving them into the pleasures of a complete different world. Goa offers hosts of enthralling water sports urging thousands of tourists to book Goa holiday packages and experience the exhilarating water sport on the seducing beaches. Some popular water sports are:

Water Skiing:

This water sport is the most preferred water activities of Goa and is organized by various beach resorts, water sports clubs and hotels of Goa.  With good swimming knowledge and proper training one is ready to divulge in the pleasures of adrenaline kicking activity.


Cruises are an all time favorite of any tourist. Relaxing on the ship while admiring the beauty of the Goa is quite alluring. Trendy cruises are Dolphin cruise and houseboat cruise.


For tourists who are too lazy to indulge in freaky adventurous sports can enjoy the simple pleasures of sailing in varied boats along the beach. It’s a must to do sport in Goa.

Scuba Diving:

Scuba diving gives you an excellent opportunity to unveil the mesmerizing underwater marine life. Some islands of Goa houses amazing marine life like coral reefs, shell fish, lobsters and attracts tourists to explore the underwater delicacies of marine life.


A good way to relax yourself is to enjoy fishing, where you can test your fishing skills and catch some of the amazing colored fishes.

So grab Goa holiday packages today to try out the enthralling water sports the state has to offer.


  1. Very good post and commentary on Goa. Well done.

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