Thursday, 16 May 2013

Must do in Kashmir: Shikara Ride on Dal Lake

Kashmir is one of the loveliest destinations in India and it has certainly aced the art of alluring the honeymooners. When you are in Kashmir, then you would find yourself enveloped with dazzling lakes and encircled with those historic Mughal Gardens. Though, there are quite a few great places to visit in Srinagar, the one that commands the highest respect is the picturesque Dal Lake.

It is a large and beautiful lake whose beauty is beyond compare. One of the must-do things in Kashmir is to go for a Shikara ride on this lake. To the ignorant ones, Shikara is a houseboat which floats about in a leisurely and seductive way on the charming waters of this lake. The romance which the ride radiates is a veritable form of poetry. It would be a huge sin if you do not visit this lake and do not board the Shikara.

Aamir Khan - Shikara Ride

Though, you can enjoy the Shikara throughout the day, the best time would indubitably be the evening hours. It is a delight to get bathed in the crimson rays of the setting sun as you float along the wooden boat on this charming water body. So, make sure that you choose the sunset moment to head for the ride.

The spell of these Shikaras also makes the summer season the best time to visit Kashmir. During winter, a boat ride won’t be possible since the lake turns into ice. But then, such a sight of a frozen lake is a rarity, and gives you good reasons to come again during December-January.


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