Monday, 20 May 2013

Maldives: The Perfect Venue for Revisiting Romance

Since a honeymoon trip is all about two individuals and two souls that try to come closer to each other keeping Mother Nature as witness and nobody else, majority of people choose places where they can enjoy absolute seclusion, serenity and breathtaking scenic beauty.

Maldives is a place on the Earth that fulfills all these conditions completely and is hence among the top names in the list of most popular honeymoon spots.  Maldives is an amazing world of oceans, beaches and floating islands where you can feel the presence of Mother Nature. Breathtaking scenic beauty and pleasant atmosphere are the biggest highlights of Maldives tourism and that’s the biggest reason behind the growing demand for Maldives packages.

You would feel like talking with the Nature, which is at its absolute best here. At Maldives, you can enjoy your Honeymoon hours anyway you like. You may choose complete relaxation and spend hours at a beach watching the waves coming towards you and going back dancing on the turquoise sea water. You can take the person of your life on an evening stroll when the Sun goes off duty painting the Western sky in orange, saffron and red.

To make the honeymoon trip, you can opt for a boat ride to the floating islands that are even more tranquil than your resort or indulge in some fishing. To make the trip an event of lifetime, you can opt for activities like snorkeling and diving at the Male. The underwater world at Maldives is absolutely breathtaking. You would simply love the experience of swimming by the beautiful coral reefs and tropical fishes.

Another very romantic activity would be sailing on a fishing trip on full moon night with the soft moon light glittering on the sea water. You may also go for a candle light dinner under the open sky with the candle flickering with the wildness of the wind. For physical relaxation, you may even spend time at the spa in your resort.  The best time to visit Maldives is between May and November when humidity and cloudy sky reduce the heat and pleasant wind keeps blowing.

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  1. amazing !! Maldives looks very romantic !! x-) nice post !! a little expensive i suppose !

  2. A perfect destination for romance.......