Monday, 27 May 2013

Gambling in the Bewitching Goa

The spell binding sate of Goa with seducing beaches and lustrous food offers everything from entertainment to adventure. The most celebrated entertainment in Goa is gambling. Although there are certain norms that have to be adhered to for gambling in Goa tourists opt for Goa tourism especially to gamble away their money and have some fun outside the box. Some famous casinos of Goa are:


Situated near Panaji at the Hotel Cicade De Goa, this casino is one of the largest and the best equipped casino of Goa and has over thirty gaming machines with mouthwatering American restaurant. It. Tourists can play and try their luck on different machines like American Roulette, Digital Blackjack and Slot Reel Machine.

Las Vegas:

Yet another celebrated casino of Goa, Las Vegas is located in the southern part at the Hotel Leela Palace. This round the clock open casino offers Black Jack, Rummy, American Roulette, Baccarat, Stud Poker and Flash as their signature games.

Floating Casino Royale: It is located off the quay near Panaji and is the best place to breathe in the beauty of Goa. It is the first floating casino of India and offers different variety of entertainment and high-tech facilities to its customers.

Although Goa tourism offers great deals and entertainment packages throughout the year, still, the best time to visit Goa is during the winter season when the weather is at its best behavior and the state unites in the spirit of Christmas and togetherness.


  1. Gambling Legal in Goa ?? Nice and informative post !

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