Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Day trip to Tso Moriri from Leh

Tso Moriri can be unanimously hailed as the most stunning lake in India. Situated in the upper crests of Ladakh (in Jammu & Kashmir), Tso Moriri is around 250 km away from Leh and can be reached easily through a cab, taxi or a private motor vehicle. A day trip to this picturesque lake is often organized by tour operators and holiday planners. It is best to visit this place under the wings of professional operators since it is not a congenially located attraction and is often accompanied by hassles of traveling and unfriendly climatic adversities.

The facilities at Tso Moriri are sparse, even though Ladakh's tourism department has done enough to come up with some good camps and eateries. There is an element of unreliability to the place and it will be wise to travel in groups with holiday planners who usually make special arrangements for camps, cooks, food and all other basic amenity.

Coming to the chief attraction, the lake itself is so refulgent that one will have to rub his eyes to be confident that he is not day-dreaming. Snuggled up at a height of nearly 13,000 feet, Tso Moriri also happens to be one of the highest lakes in the world. Its crystalline looks and turquoise hues majestically reflect the behemoth mountains which encircle this area.

The serenity which dominates this lake is surreal. And there are some delightful fauna which take shelter in this beautiful topography. Apart from migratory birds, one can easily spot some mountain animals, goats, asses and even Tibetan wolves.

As a tourist, you must not litter the area. That should be your contribution for the betterment of Ladakh tourism.

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