Friday, 3 May 2013

Best places to eat out in Dubai

Dubai is one such place that all foodies would love to visit. Here you can easily get various food and dishes from various cultures across the world, like Chinese, Japanese, Indian and European, in several popular restaurants. The Emirati cuisine is quite mild. If you decide to avail a Dubai tour package, ensure that they have provisions for lunch and dinner at some of the best restaurants, some of which are mentioned here:
  • Awtar: At Awtar you can dine, in the atmosphere of a thousand and one nights. The curtains on the ceiling and walls render it a special and intimate feeling. The atmosphere is amazingly warm and comfortably cozy. The belly dancers and live music will take you a step further into the world of entertainment. In this restaurant you get dishes of Arab and Lebanese cuisine. 
  • Casa Mia: This is the most authentic Italian eatery in the middle of Dubai. Here, the dishes are prepared in the traditional way. The best part perhaps, is that all products are completely fresh and imported directly from Italy. Moreover, you can choose a variety of pastas and pizzas, all of which are deliciously cooked. The list of wine available makes this tent very popular and it is a favorite among the local expats.  

  • Left Bank: For a good and hearty meal consider visiting the Left Bank. It is located amidst the Madinat Jumeirah.  
After a day full of strolling and shopping, the delicious food must surely feature in your Dubai tourism Guide, to add to your thrill. 


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