Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Best Places to Eat in Pune

Pune is not a bad place for a glutton or a hungry traveler to find himself in. The city has been brewing quite a few sassy restaurants with plush ambience and delectable food. Depending on your preference of cuisine, there are different outlets which will find favor with you. Here is a steal glance at some recommended ones, based on the cuisine you prefer:

1. For Chinese and Asian cuisines: If you are hankering after Chinese/Asian, then the restaurants at the tip of our tongues would be Baan Tao and Malaka Spice. They have the best Thai food you could ever put into your mouth. Mainland China is also recommended especially for its Sapo Chicken and Sliced Lamb. The eatery named Harajuku is one of the best places to visit in Pune for digging into Japanese meals.

2. For European cuisines: For a bunch of European dishes, the restaurants on top of our list are Paprika Hot Rocks, The Ship and Sen5es. Most of them have excellent ambience and never fail to satisfy a meat-lover.

3. For Italian cuisine: Italian dishes have become a rage with the youths of today. So, if you are in the mood to try the pastas and pizzas, then the places recommended would be La Terrazza, Little Italy and Prego.

4. For South Indian cuisines: Pune knows how to thrust those scrumptious dosas down your throat. For lovers of south Indian foods, Vaishali and Kalyani are the best places to see in Pune.

5. For North Indian cuisines: For sinking your teeth into north Indian dishes, restaurants like ‘Sigree’, ‘Oh Calcutta’ and ‘Taareef’ rule the roost.

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  1. Being basically from Pune, I feel you started post on a wrong note. Calling Pune as "not a bad place for a glutton or a hungry traveler to find himself in" doesn't sound good to Punekar's ears. Besides, you mentioned places for different kind of cuisines except for Maharashtrian cuisines!! missing out the basic thing. No wonder, You find Pune as "not a bad place"

  2. Nice post.
    But when you mean South Indian Food, you must actually mention places that serve authentic South Indian food and not just dosa and idlis :)

  3. Thanks for suggestion.. :)

  4. Cafe GoodLuck: Restaurant - This is one of the best places to eat. Its good and doesn't hurt your wallet much. 6 people ate to their full and still couldn't take the bill up to a grand. The chocolate souffle is amazing. The malai chicken is brilliant. And the bun maska is the best thing to order among other things. These are a few items we had. Try out the rest of the menu yourself.

  5. I am glad to have your suggestions.
    Kullu Manali

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