Thursday, 23 May 2013

A Visit to the Mesmerizing Bannerghatta Park in Bangalore

Bangalore is famously known as the “Garden City” of India. Bangalore is one of India’s top tourists attractions place. The diverse culture and pleasant and energetic atmosphere makes it a great tourist destination. Not only there are many places to visit in Bangalore but other tourist places near to Bangalore for tourists to enjoy and relax from their chronic routine.

Bannerghatta Park is situated at a short distance from Bangalore; it is the city’s main attraction and is counted among the richest natural and zoological reserves of Karnataka. This majestic park is a beautiful combination of flora and fauna where rare species of each can be seen. The forests of this mesmerizing park houses flourishing green trees and plants which nests some of the most amazing creatures under its shed.  The endangered species of tigers are found in this park and is a major attraction among tourists.

The fauna life is also widespread in this park nesting small creatures to wild animals like wild boar, hyenas, rhinoceros, squirrel, notorious chipmunks, various species of birds and the like. All these creatures are found in the zoo which also consists of a reptile park and theater  This park is the first park to have a butterfly park. Amazing species of butterflies are found in this park. The park also organizes safaris and animal rides and the rocky cliffs and dense forests are the perfect place for trekking.

So if you plan a trip to Bangalore make sure that you visit this wonderful park among the other places to see in Bangalore because now you know that there are some great tourist places near Bangalore as well.


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  2. Where are the White Tigers of Banerghatta? Without them, it is incomplete.

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