Thursday, 23 May 2013

A Ride Along the Streets of Chinatown in Singapore

Singapore is a country famously known for diversified culture and traditions. Tourists book Singapore tour packages from India to witness the places to see in this breathtaking country. Singapore is known for many things; one such being the lustrous and notorious Chinatown.

The Chinatown is a remembrance to the traditional customs and traditions of Chinese. The various descriptions of medicines, the specialty Chinese dishes prepared on holidays and the rituals which are followed throughout a person’s journey from birth to death are all the major components of this miraculous town. At night Chinatown exposes its darkest secrets of cultural and historical value. The places to see at this time are notorious yet exciting. Tourist’s get to know about the Red Light District of Chinatown through their guide’s commentary and explore the dark back valleys.

The tourism in Singapore covers the whole part of this amazing town beautifully enabling the tourists to enjoy every little thing associated with the place. The trishaw ride at night is a favorite among tourists as well as locals which takes on a tour through the bustling Night Market. The cuisine served in this town is simply mouthwatering and inevitable. There are some great restaurants serving exquisite delicacies of the place. The food tour in the morning gives a great opportunity to try out the best savories and sweets one can get in Singapore. The Chinese temples and local shops also counts for a major tourist attraction spot. A simple morning tour is fun filled and helps exploring the brighter side of the town.

So in the visit to Singapore don’t forget to drive through the streets of Chinatown as the Singapore packages from Delhi make it inevitable to enjoy a bit more. 


  1. (h) detailed post. in love with the first photograph !

  2. I love Chinese foods, I will visit that place and taste their food so that i'll not miss Chinese foods.Great pictures.

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