Friday, 17 May 2013

A Whirlwind Trip to Rajasthan: Explore the Fabled Cities in Just 36 Hours

If you haven’t seen Rajasthan, then you have seen nothing! The state is a veritable mirror of the country’s past and beautifully reflects many of the dying traditions and long-lost customs. Besides, the beauty of the palaces and forts which this state is studded with is unquestionable. Many tourists like to take a hurricane trip to Rajasthan and quickly run through some of its major attractions. For backpackers who are short on cash or time, a 36-hour trip is recommended. Such a short trip can really test your fitness but such a tour would, inarguable  be one of the finest you had ever had.

The major places to visit in Rajasthan during a whirlwind trip should be picked from the following ensemble:

1. Udaipur: 

Udaipur has been fascinating, to say the least. Its palaces and lakes have that enamoring quality which can turn foreign heads and even make those ‘firangis’ go weak on their knees. Of late, the reputation of this town has grown to such elephantine heights that even the capital city Jaipur is feeling the heat! With attractions like City Palace and Lake Pichola, Udaipur has emerged as the hottest wedding destination in the world. It would be fair to say that it has trumped Jaipur in many areas.

Must see attractions: 
  1. City Palace
  2. Lake Pichola
  3. Bagore ki Haveli
  4. Fateh Sagar Lake
  5. Monsoon Palace
  6. Shri Eklinji Prabhu Temple

2. Jaipur:

The aforementioned paragraph may have caused some embarrassment to Jaipur tourism, but none can deny its timeless charm. Even though I hailed Udaipur and placed it above this ‘pink city’, I am, in no way, trying to debase the history and architecture of Jaipur. It is still a very crowded and cacophonic place; it still has those haunted havelis and deserted monuments to flaunt; its red-pink buildings can still give your wife’s lips a run for their money; and it still oozes that nostalgia for which it is so famed! Hawa Mahal is the marquee attraction which refuses to die out! Some may find it dull and over-rated, but it still has got enough to send you soaring down the historic lanes. From the ‘aapno mela’ to the busy bazaars to the traditional food (Rajasthani thali style), everything about Jaipur tourism is magical and memorable!

Must see attractions: 
  1. Hawa Mahal
  2. Galta Monkey Temple
  3. Jantar Mantar
  4. Nahargarh Fort
  5. Amber Fort and Palace 

3. Jaisalmer:

Jisalmer may seem remote and distant; it can also make you feel cut off from the modern cities. But if you wish to savor the true slice of Rajasthan, then this town must be packed in your itinerary. It is bucolic and rustic, with mounds of sands and plenty of dunes! With camels sauntering around and semi-literate people walking past, you would feel as if you just plunged into the pages of a fabled land. For its forts, for its mansions, for its ruins and for its sands, Jaisalmer is one of the top places to visit in Rajasthan. So what if you have got just 36 hours?

Must see attractions:
  1. Jaisalmer Fort
  2. Salim Singh ki Haveli
  3. Patwon ki Haveli


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