Thursday, 4 April 2013

Best Places for Shopping in the World

Shopping is on every woman’s must-do list, and even men are falling for its charms. When you call yourself an incorrigible shopaholic, then how can you miss out on the world’s top shopping destinations.
Here is a quick virtual trip to the markets and malls of the planet’s shopping paradises:


Singapore is one of the most-visited destinations in the world since it has got beaches, landmarks, monuments, resorts, zoos and what not! And Singapore tour package takes you to some of the most stunning shops in the world. There is the Orchard Road which is the Mecca of a shopper, and then there is the Chinatown where old-meets-the-new! And then we have Little India which is another perfect corner for picking up souvenirs and products. For a compulsive shopper, there are many places to visit in Singapore. It continues to rule the heart and the pockets of budget-friendly tourists.


Dubai makes itself heard over its screaming beaches and towering skyscrapers because it boasts of the largest mall in the world in Dubai Mall. Then there is the Mall of the Emirates, which is another elephantine place for buying stuffs. Add to it, the glitter of the Gold souks and what you get is a country which is fast becoming the focal point of global shoppers.

New York

Back in west, New York still has all the ingredients to give everyone a complete shopping experience! Its biggest USP is its diversity both in terms of products and brands.


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