Monday, 15 April 2013

Hidden Places in Kerala

There are a lot of places to visit in Kerala. So many in fact, that you need to make several trips to get the most of the state. While Kerala tourism will be kind enough to point you towards the basic tourism hotspots and sightseeing places – after you’re done, there’s some places hidden away that you need to head over to.

You may be on your way to visit Ananthapura Lake Temple, which is the only lake temple in Kerela, but don’t miss the Kappil Beach, pretty close and a while away from the popular Bekal Fort. It’s secluded, silent and unpolluted – enough to get us there already.

Ananthapura Lake Temple
You’ve probably heard of the drive-in beach, Muchappilangad. But, when you’re around Kannur, head instead to the 5-acre Dharmadom Island. It’s filled with scenic spots and is mostly inaccessible. But, if you manage to get permission (you can arrange overnight stays in a group) it’s definitely worth it. Don’t leave the area without heading over to the spice valley! It’s common, but Anjarkandy Cinnamon Valley doesn’t pop up first on a tourists list. It should be close to the top of yours.

Dharmadom Island

Have you been to Idukki? It’s not a popular tourist spot, but it’s a damn good one and well worth the trip. Apart from the common Arch Dam that you’ll be taken to once you’re there and the popular wildlife sanctuary, we insist you take a trek along Kulamav.

Idukki Dam

Or you could run off to Chithari Beach, a getaway that’s absolutely hidden from prying tourist eyes – most of the time and barring you of course.

Now, even if you don’t want to visit the more obscure places and need to get a little major tourism done in one trip – and if you can’t afford as many Kerala packages actually deserves – you have to make it down to the Tea Sanctuary Estate Bungalows. It’s an ancient estate that most people skip visiting because they think a tea sanctuary is – well, a tea sanctuary. But, trust us; this colonial structure is definitely one to visit. From the guestrooms to the sprawling estate and the activities (yes, actual activities such as bicycle rides and fishing) – you can spend an entire day here without getting bored and embracing a slightly different side from the Kerala you expected to see. 


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