Friday, 5 April 2013

Go on a Desert Safari in Dubai

The endless land of sand, desert, becomes adventurous with desert safari and Dubai is a must go place for vacationers for desert safari which also fits in their budget with the help of different holiday packages. Desert safari is an off road-driving escapade taking us to the exciting golden sandbanks. It’s a heaven’s gift for travelers and lovers of Mother Nature. There are different types of desert safaris:

Night Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

In this modern era, safari represents a four-wheeler vehicle basically the Toyota Land Cruiser that is considered as the best for desert safari. The sand is not static rather it shifts depending upon the direction of the strong winds blowing over. These winds often cause the time visibility to tend to zero. One can get best Dubai packages to avoid the cost of their tour. The safari usually starts at a time when the sun just starts lowering down on the western horizon and the sand dunes begin exposing larger shadows. Camel rides are also very famous among the tourists. If camp is your thing and you are interested in exploring the life of nomads and at the same time interested in exploring the romantic surroundings then this safari is a must to do thing in Dubai. 

The main attractions of this safari is the beautiful camp, the exquisite barbeque food and round the world famous belly dancing urging tourists to take up Dubai tour through exciting holiday packages. The belly dance marks the end of this beautiful ride. After the ride you will be taken back to the hotel, which is just before midnight and can start exploring the other parts and places to see in Dubai the next day.

Desert safari is a roller coaster ride that will take you up and down to the sand dunes exposing the beauties of nature on its way. It is the perfect Arabian adventure with convenient holiday packages. 


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  2. Desert Safari Dubai one of the best thing where you can enjoy your trip of Dubai.

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  4. the best part of dubai desert safari i like is dune bashing,,,,awesome...salute to the skills of the drivers...

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  6. The Arabian Desert is located in Western Asia. It is a vast desert wilderness stretching from Yemen to the Persian Gulf and Oman to Jordan and Iraq. It occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula, with an area of 2,330,000 square kilometers (900,000 sq mi). At its centre is the Rub'al-Khali, one of the largest continuous bodies of sand in the world