Wednesday, 17 April 2013

3 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala: A Walk in Paradise

Kerala can be endowed with the title of ‘best honeymoon destination in India’. Its natural treasures are so rich that even God has chosen to call it his own country! In terms of the green-blue water bodies, Kerala is the Czar of the world. Nowhere else on the planet can you come across such scenic backwaters as you get within this small state! Honeymooning in this part of the world is invariably a walk in the paradise.
Here are 3 stunning honeymoon places in Kerala:


Alleppey or Alappuzha easily takes the crown when it comes to the most romantic places to visit in Kerala. The magnitude of its picturesque beauty is beyond compare! Its backwaters have that surreal, ethereal quality which can make romancers get lost in each other’s eyes! Its serenity would wrap you in its arms and the lagoons would wash off all your sorrows. In addition, the place also holds a number of sightseeing attractions including the Mullackal Temple and Krishnapuram Palace.


Munnar is a hill station where painters are born, poems are scripted and romance is kindled. One of the all-time favorite romantic destinations, it is a die-hard place for any newly wedded. Take a ride over the horses, scream your lungs out at the Echo Point, snuggle up in the luxurious Munnar resorts or just stare at the hypnotic tea estates- this place is truly a paradise!


One of the best places to see in Kerala, Cochin is a mix of beaches, churches, forts and waterfalls.  If you want to travel through the pages of history or walk hand-in-hand over the sunset-kissed beaches, then Cochin is where you are destined to!

The best time to visit Kerala is between October and March, though one can also visit during the other seasons. So book your tour package to Kerala now to experience the extravagance of Kerala tourism and its beautiful spots.


  1. Amazing place for holidays.

    That's why it is know as "God's Own Country"

    God has made this place amazingly beautiful.

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  3. Beautiful places. Especially Alleppey, its a wonderful creation of god.